About Donor Coordination Activities

MFW4A coordinates donors’ financial sector development efforts to increase the efficiency and maximize the impact of interventions across the African continent.

Coordination activities focus on improving information flows amongst donors on current and planned projects to enable them to synchronize financial sector interventions and avoid duplication.

Our donor coordination tools include:

  • Thematic Donor Working Groups: Coordinated by the MFW4A Secretariat and Chaired by Donor Partners, two to three times a year, representatives from MFW4A and Donor and Development partners discuss developments in specific areas of financial sector development. These Groups allow for a regular exchange of information and enhance synergy among donors and development partners to help identify possible opportunities for collaboration on specific projects and programs. More than 23 institutions participate in the Working Group activities dealing with issues on Access to Finance, Agricultural and Rural Finance, Housing Finance, Capital Market Development, Mobile Banking, Regional Financial Integration and Remittances.  
  • Donor Projects Database: The MFW4A Secretariat gathers and compiles information on active and planned financial sector development projects across the African continent. With inputs and contributions from most of the donors and development partners involved in African FSD issue, the donor project database includes, as of May 30th, information related to over 1660 projects financed by over 50 development partners and spread across the entire continent as Regional projects and/or country-specific projects. Partners’ contribute to the value of the database through regularly sharing information and the updating. The database allows users to locate existing projects and thereby simplify the planning of future interventions as well as avoid duplication of efforts. This database will be including soon the inventory of FSD thematic trust funds.


  • Advancing the Microfinance Sector in Africa: The MFW4A assisted the African Union with the production of the Roadmap and Plan of Action for Advancing the African Microfinance Sector. At the request of the African Union (AU), the MFW4A Secretariat convened development partners with project experience in microfinance at the AU Headquarters in Addis Ababa in September 2009. The workshop provided the AU with strategic guidance on the challenges and opportunities facing the microfinance sector in Africa. Development partners from the MFW4A Access to Finance Donor Working Group offered comments on the AU Roadmap and Plan for Action for Advancing the Microfinance Sector, which was ultimately endorsed by the Conference of African Ministers of Economy and Finance (CAMEF) in December and the AU Summit of Heads of State in February 2010.
  • Task Force on Agricultural Finance in Africa: MFW4A and the African Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (AFRACA) launched an Africa-wide Partnership to foster sustainable financing for agriculture by developing an Africa-wide policy paper on agricultural finance written by over 10 donors and development partners in collaboration with several prominent African stakeholders. The recommendations provided by this policy paper were discussed at MFW4A Conference “Zipping Finance and Farming in Africa: Harnessing the Continent’s Potential“, Kampala, Uganda 29-30 June 2011. This conference fine-tuned and adopted the Kampala Principles on Agricultural Finance, 11 principles that suggest the actions most urgently required for fostering the effective provision of financial services to the agricultural sector in Africa. The Kampala Principles and important conclusions of the MFW4A Task Force’s policy paper were incorporated into the G20 report "Scaling-Up Access to Finance for Agricultural SMEs:  Policy Review and Recommendations" which was endorsed during the Summit in Cannes in the context of the report of the "G20 Development Working Group".