Agricultural and Rural Finance Donor Working Group (AgFin-DWG)

In line with the operational objectives of MFW4A Secretariat in terms of improving coordination and promoting interaction between all partners, it was decided to launch the Agricultural and Rural Finance Working Group, conducive to promote Donors and Development Partners efforts in leveraging Agricultural and Rural Financial Sector Development in Africa.

The Rural and Agricultural Finance Donor Working Group was inaugurated on May 12th, 2010 and includes over 18 development partners’ institutions. 

Agricultural and Rural Finance Donor Working Group Objectives

The Working Group will assist its members in developing and implementing long-term, comprehensive and integrated Agrifinance policies and projects that are supportive of sustainable development of financial services in Africa. It is particularly aimed:

  • To organize a dialogue among donors about Rural and Agricultural Finance activities throughout the African continent, to educate and share ideas among the group;
  • To promote financial innovations to expand the use of financial services across Africa;
  • To identify and disseminate relevant approaches, standards, best instances already used to promote financial services across Africa;
  • To advocate for a growing recognition of Agri-Finance in national, but also  regional development strategies;
  • To encourage joint donor interventions on Rural and Agricultural Finance issues in Africa, including organizing seminars, policy dialogues, publications and missions;
  • To contribute in disseminating the Kampala’s Guiding Principles for Agricultural Finance in Africa; and
  • To raise awareness on potential adverse effects of financial regulations on promoting and/or extending financial services

Management Team

Chair: Matthew Troniak (USAID)
Coordinator: Habib Attia (MFW4A)

Donor's activities on Agricultural and Rural Finance

Development Partners Members of this Working Group