Housing Finance Donor Working Group (HF-DWG)

In line with the operational objectives of the MFW4A Secretariat in terms of improving coordination and promoting interaction between all partners, it was decided, in collaboration with the French Development Agency (AFD), the creation of the MFW4A Housing Finance Donor Working Group, conducive to promote donor and development partners’ efforts in supporting the development of innovative solutions and mechanisms in the field of housing finance and real state.

The Housing Finance Donor Working Group was inaugurated on May 23rd, 2013 and currently includes 12 donors and development partners

HF-DWG Objectives

The Working Group will assist its donors in developing and implementing long-term, comprehensive and integrated Housing Finance policies and projects that are supportive of sustainable development of inclusive financial services in Africa.

It is particularly aimed:

  • To organize a dialogue among donors about Housing Finance activities throughout the African continent, including reaching out to Francophone Africa;
  • To identify and disseminate relevant approaches, standards, best instances already used to promote long-term financial services for housing across Africa , including studying alternative models for housing finance, using members’ expertise or interesting models in other parts of the world;
  • To develop alternative solutions, such as rental housing or PPP, to show new routes to get the private sector involved on funding housing;
  • To contribute to creating an enabling environment for raising capital on the Housing Finance sector ; and
  • To encourage joint donor interventions on Housing Finance issues in Africa, including organizing seminars, policy dialogues, publications and missions.

Management Team

Chair: Isadora BIGOURDAN (AFD)
Coordinator: Habib ATTIA (MFW4A)

Donor's activities on Housing Finance

Development Partners’ members of the HF-DWG