Remittances Donor Working Group (RDWG)

In line with the operational objectives of MFW4A Secretariat in terms of improving coordination and promoting interaction between all partners, it was decided to launch the Remittances Donor Working Group, conducive to promote Donors and Development Partners efforts in leveraging Remittances issues in Africa.

The Working Group will assist its donors in developing and implementing long-term, comprehensive and integrated Remittance policies and projects that are supportive of sustainable development of Remittance services in Africa.

Remittances Donor Working Group Objectives

The RDWG will assist its members in developing and implementing long-term, comprehensive and integrated projects in the area of remittances that support the sustainable development of financial services in Africa. It is particularly aimed:

  • To organize a dialogue among donors about remittances activities throughout the African continent;
  • To identify, disseminate and report on relevant approaches, standards, best policies and practices already used to promote remittances services within Africa (i.e. the CPSS-WB General Principles for International Remittances Standards and the related assessment methodology);
  • To make recommendations to group members to improve their interventions by sharing tools, standards, practices and possible further studies/research;
  • To raise awareness on the adverse effects of over-regulating the market for remittances, applying in the national legislation requirements that are stricter than what required by international standards and best practices. Discuss the issue with African Regulators and Regional Associations and Bodies.
  • To advocate for a growing recognition of the role that remittances senders play in national development strategies; and
  • To encourage joint donor interventions on remittances issues in Africa, including publications, events and consultations.

Management Team

Chair: Pedro J. F. de Lima (EIB)
Coordinator: Habib Attia (MFW4A)

Donor's activities on Remittances

Development Partners Members of this Working Group